Friday, May 2, 2008

Fire in the City

Trumpet and Torch Ministries has organized ten days of "praying & fasting, praise & worship, teaching and intercession" from May 1, the National Day of Prayer to May 11, the Global Day of Prayer.
Believers from churches and ministries in the greater Fredericksburg, VA area are joining in an 8,000 s. f. tent to lead two-hour shifts of worship, teaching, and prayer around the clock for these ten days.
My sister, who is instrumental in Trumpet and Torch Ministries, emailed me to say that yesterday at the 2 pm igniting of Fire in the City, Fredericksburg officials tried to close them down but were unsuccessful because all the necessary permits had been obtained. I know that they would covet your prayers.
You can read more about Fire in the City here at Trumpet and Torch's website, where you can also download the free ten-day devotional guide.
Have a great weekend!

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Wow! This sound amazing!