Friday, May 9, 2008

How We Socialize

Today's Heart of the Matter meme asks us to share the ways in which our family socializes. I dealt with the issue of socialization and how the word doesn't always mean exactly what we think it means earlier in this post, so today I'll just list the ways that our family socializes.

  • Church & Church Activities: Our children participate (or will participate) in Sunday School, Children's Choir, and Rainbow Ringers (children's handbell choir). We also socialize at our Wednesday night fellowship suppers.

  • Homeschool Organization Activities: Next fall we will begin co-op classes with our local homeschool group on Mondays. We already participate in play dates and field trips sponsored by this same group.

  • Extra-curricular Activities: Emily Anne particpates in dance, Upward soccer & basketball. In a few years she will also begin to take piano.

  • Get-Togethers with Friends: We participate in play-dates with friends, birthday parties (4 so far this month!), cookouts and dinners with several families, etc.

  • Family: If socialization is learning to interact with people within an accepted framework of behavior, then family is the natural way to socialize! From our immediate family to grandparents to great-grandparents to aunts and uncles and cousins, our children are experiencing intergenerational socialization.

Have a great weekend!


Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

Thanks so much for including the family as the basis for socialization. This is important to me as well, particularly the intergenerational part (though I couldn't have come up with that word when pressed!). It sounds like you have a lovely family.

andijean said...

I enjoyed this post, especially the way you pointed out the importance of intergenerational socialization!

Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

The family is a great way to socialize. Thanks for sharing about your family's way of socializing, Celly! Have a blessed weekend!

Anonymous said...

I agree that family is the natural (and often the best) way to socialize.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Celeste! I checked my email and read that you were on the HOTM team! Yay! (jumping up and down) I'm so glad! Welcome! I know that you will be a great blessing!

Happy Mommy's Day!

Anonymous said...

Hey Celly,
I enjoyed reading your HOTM post. This sounds alot like us and how we socialize. I think it is plenty and is the best way to socialize. I think it was Benjamin Franklin that said that the way to bring up a genius is for the child to socialize with adults as much as possible.

BTW, my computer died and I'm patiently waiting for a new one. I am looking forward to getting involved with TFTW Thursday as soon as I can!
Have a great week!