Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tomes for Totes--Father's Day Edition

Are you looking for a great book for Father's Day? One that celebrates the bonds between fathers and sons? Look no further than You Can Do Anything, Daddy by Michael Rex.

My husband came back with this book on a trip to the library with the kids, and it has been my two-year-old son's favorite book for about a month now. He calls it his "pirate" book and asks for it to be read first at everytime bedtime reading session.

The simple story deals with a young boy who asks his father if he would rescue him if a band of pirates snatched him away. The father answers confidently that he would. The scenarios become increasingly dire (in the imagination of a young boy), and the father successfully meets each challenge with the reassurance that he would dare anything for his son. The ending turns on this situation with the young boy taking care of his father.

The pirates, gorillas, and robots from Mars hold the attention of any of the most adventurous boy, and the illustrations are humorous. My son identifies the young boy as himself and the father as "Daddy," a most heartwarming scenario for Father's Day.

Happy Reading!

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boutcrazy said...

You mentioning this book reminded me of the one my children loved...If I Were A Moose, by Patrick Kleinen. The child questions the mother about what the mother would be if she were different things. Really sweet book.