Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday

This post is my inaugural one for "Works for Me Wednesday," a blog carnival over at Rocks in My Dryer. Here is what works for me.

Although not organized by nature (just ask my organizationally gifted sister and organizationally gifted husband!), I am learning to become organized. As evidence, I submit our home planner. Within this three-ring binder resides all the important information without which I would be lost.

First, I keep our calendar on Outlook. This allows me to keep dates like birthdays and anniversaries from year to year without re-entering them each time. I also like Outlook because as I check my email, I get reminders for events, which is great because sometimes I forget to look at my calendar! I print off the calendar in weekly format, and these pages go first in the binder in page protectors, which allow me to slide the pages out and add information but still protect the pages. The weekly format works well for us right now although when we embark on homeschooling next year, I may find that I will need the daily schedule.

Next in the binder comes my address book, which is actually the Contact information I have printed out from Outlook and put in page protectors. The next section is for long-term activities, like information from preschool, soccer, etc (again in page protectors).

My next section includes charts to list scripture that has touched my heart (Check out my blog later today for an introduction to "Thirstin' for the Word Thursday"!) and an intercessory prayer list.

A preprinted grocery list comes next, but I must confess that I haven't usually used this list. I tend to just grab a sheet of blank notebook paper (from the back of the binder) and jot down what we're out of and what we need. Also included is a form for menu planning, but I usually stick this information on the refrigerator.

The next section contains a chart to list library books borrowed, the due date, and a box to check when they're returned. I love books and also have a chart to list books I want to buy.

During the Christmas season, I include our Christmas budget and a page to list gift ideas for family members.

In the back of the notebook, I have blank notebook paper for miscellaneous lists. Some right now include "Preschool/Kindergarten Books on Tape," "Christian Music to Investigate, " and Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds regime.

I hope you can glean something from my planner notebook that works for you!


Rachel said...

Hi Celly. I have just been enjoying looking round your blog. I was really interested in your item about Zipporah. The book of Exodus is my favourite OT book. It grips me and thrills me to discover so much of Jesus in it.

I have just realised that you read my entry for the Proverbs 31 comp. Sadly I didn't pitch it right and there were so many great entries, but was pleased that I entered as it's ages since I have done any days to be honest and that was rather a long time ago!

Have really enjoyed your writing anbd will drop by again.


Vickie said...

Hi Cely,
I love your blog and am glad I found you through the Prov 31 contest!

I would be lost without my home planner! I call it my home management planner and my teenagers call it my brains!

Have a blessed day!

Sandy said...

Hi Celly - I am visiting from Christine's. I, too, keep a binder/notebook - that keeps me in line! I have to make a lot of notes:) Fun visiting you.

Christine said...

I am impressed! I have tried a number of times to keep a home journal, but it never works for me. If you saw the condition of my countertops and all of the paper clutter, you'd say not much works for me at all! LOL

Kathryn said...

Hi, Celly,

I'm impressed with your very organized Home Planner notebook! I didn't know you had created one. :-)

I am more impressed with your blog and your beautiful writing. Thank you for sharing your gift and your heart!

Your Organizationally Gifted Sister