Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of the Lenten season. During Lent I will be participating in a 40-day devotional experience called EAT, sponsored by Trumpet and Torch. The gist of EAT is that instead of filling our bellies with food at mealtime, that we fill our hearts and minds with the bread of God's Word. Here is a quote from the website:

The heart of this website is a daily devotional experience entitled EAT, designed as a practical tool to guide believers through a 40-day period of feasting on the Word of God.
Three times a day--breakfast, lunch, and dinner--the believer will dine with the Lord, developing a desire for Him above anything else, including food. Throughout Scripture, the Lord used mealtime as an opportunity for teaching and training in righteousness. As the Israelites hungered and thirsted in the desert, He revealed Himself as Sustainer; as the disciples sat and ate with Him in the upper room, He revealed Himself as Savior. . . . .

For the humble, repentant, and wholehearted believer, the Lord can accomplish a lifetime of transformational work in just 40 days. It is the prayer and hope of this ministry, that as each believer dines upon the Word of God--seasoned with prayerful communication and heartfelt repentance--the Lord will purify them, prepare them, and provide an army of faithful and holy warriors fully equipped to set the world on fire for Christ and to fulfill His Great Commission.

I will be taking part in a partial fast, but the website points out that if you do not feel called to fast from food, you could fast from other distractions keeping you from seeking God wholeheartedly, such as television.

There is a beautiful introductory slide show on the website's home page, and the site offers a wealth of information on fasting. Once you register, you will be able to access The Temple portion of the web site, which offers the 3 devotionals for each day, as well as a place to journal your experiences. If you know of friends who do not have Internet access, the devotions are also available in PDF format. You can also view the testimony of my sister, Kathryn Wells, on the site.

I wish you a blessed Lenten season and hope to see you at the Lord's table!


. said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog. Great to make "contact" with a fellow-Hartsvillian. Matt actually graduated in '92. His brother Tim graduated in '90.
I enjoyed your entry. As you can tell from my post, I am actually feeling led to "give up" some distractions. It's the good-better-best concept. Life as I'm doing it is not "bad" - it could be considered "good". However, God wants us to give Him our best. Thanks for the motivation.

Amy Wyatt said...

I left something for you over at my site. Come on over.

Rachel said...

Hi Celly,

How are you. I didn't manage to get to the thirstin' for the word Thursday last week so was hoping to join in today. Hope to catch up soon.


Michelle Bentham said...

It will change your life, your walk, you day --- I am on the last two days of a 40 day partial fast (pretty much I am eating anything that grows out of the ground that is edible - frutis, veggies, legumes... etc.) It has been an intense time. Be sure to focus in on God during this time. One day I was just quiet, I worked in silence listening to His voice - it is amazing what you hear over the hum of a vacuum cleaner when you still your mind and your heart before the Lord.


Michelle Bentham said...

Hey Celly,

I let you a word and an award on my blog. Check it out.


Van said...

Thanks for the encouragement to "give up" yet I feel it is more of a "take in" time when I open up allowing the Lord to fill me. I am asking Him to direct my paths toward more meaningful days as I focus toward the cross.